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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Tech art for art directors

I see that the slides from my 2015 GDC talk, Technical Art For Art Directors is now up on the GDC Vault. paywall warning Enjoy – and feedback in the comments is very welcome. I can post the slides if there is interest, but if you watch the video you’ll see that they don’t really work without the verbal context. I defy anybody who wasn't there to make sense of this image, for example....
I’ll say in passing that – despite the lack of text in the finished presentation – I had great luck putting this talk together in Markdown using DeckSet, which let me do the first 90% of the presentation without ever opening PowerPoint or Keynote. The slides were just one big plain text file, which let me put them up on github so I could version them and track changes without getting bogged down in the finicky formatting nonsense that ultimately consumes all slide decks. I particularly liked this workflow because I could work as if it was text but still run it as a slide show very early on, which gave me a chance to get my patter down and listen to the words instead of getting hung up on formatting text. Plain text FTW!