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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Moonrise announcement

So, we just took the wraps off our latest project:

We'll be showing the beta at Pax Prime (booth 6103).  It's been a really fun project to work on (for a grizzled ancient like yrs. truly, working on mobile is kind of liberating. It's like the old days of limited budgets and tiny teams.  Its so nice to get something from concept to execution in 18 months instead of 4 or 5 years, and with a team that can meet in a lunch room instead of needing a whole theater.

...the game looks a lot nicer than they did in the old days though. I used to sneer at mobile graphics, but nowadays it's pretty awesome what you can accomplish with a little care.

PS. In case you're wondering: It's not a zombie game.  But we're not out of the zombie business, not by a long shot. Check out article linked above for more from HQ.  But trust me, there's a lot of zombies in our future too.