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The blog has been retired - it's up for legacy reasons, but these days I'm blogging at blog.theodox.com. All of the content from this site has been replicated there, and that's where all of the new content will be posted. The new feed is here . I'm experimenting with crossposting from the live site, but if you want to keep up to date use blog.theodox.com or just theodox.com

Sunday, May 18, 2014

TA Bookstore page

I've started a page with links to books that TA's would find interesting or useful. Let me know if you've got recommendations - right now there's a glaring lack of Max related books. I've been skipping over "How to do X in Max 2011" type titles so far since they get dated so quickly (I've got probably 200 lbs of utterly useless reference on versions of Maya and Max that wouldn't even run on Windows 7 stuffed into my basement). But I'm always interested to hear about useful reference stuff.

The TA Bookstore page